Our Products

Over more than decade of our journey, ESPIRE System has built multiple products to serve our customer faster. Our developed products help us to customize and make our process faster to go live. We at Expire System collaborate with our partners to provide best solutions, which makes us one stop software suctioning partner for our customers.
Some of our flagship products are listed below:

Biometric Attendance Management System

Biometric Cloud based Attendance Management System helps in collecting biometric attendance and maintaining the data in the cloud for accessing records in real time basis on the go. Allows a user to register all 10 fingers of a person and stores information in the cloud. Register once and give biometric attendance across multi locations. No necessity for registering in location specific device. System capable of reading scanned biometric data from different device and store in the cloud. Local comparison of the scanned finger prints with cloud data Supports Wi-Fi, and different type of network connections for pushing data to cloud. Customized cloud based reports on the attendance. Our other attendance system includes, touch less attendance management system using goo fenced face recognition system. This is becoming popular in COVID situations.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Laboratory information management system (LIMS) is a cloud-based software solution with features that support a modern laboratory's operations. Key features include but are not limited to workflow and data tracking support, flexible architecture, and data exchange interfaces, which fully "support its use in regulated environments". The features and uses of a LIMS have evolved over the years from simple sample tracking to an enterprise resource planning tool that manages multiple aspects of laboratory informatics.

Products from Our Partners

We collaborate with our partners to provide latest technology and best solutions to our customers worldwide. Following are some of the Products of the partners we endorse.

ESPIRE with its partner have an Education Management Solution designed to manage the e-Governance (ERP), Learning, Assessment applications of education sector. Our Educational ERP has different products catering to Schools, Higher Education Universities and technical education institutes.

Following feature makes our products special:

Cloud hosted. Accessible anytime, from anywhere.
Consolidation of Campus, LearningBricks, ExamBricks & ApplBricks
Login: Parent, Student, Admin, Staff etc.
Integrated SMS System.
Advanced Analytics and customized reports.
User friendly design.
Built on open-source technologies.
Scalable, secure architecture.
Flexible pricing – Use single or multiple modules

Different Products of this systems are: